Young people with disability workshop


On the 9 February, we held our first national event for 2021!

It was an opportunity for us to understand how to raise awareness about our service among young people with disability.

The workshop was attended by 8 engaged and passionate young people with disability.  They came from all around Australia (NSW, VIC, Qld, ACT and NT) and shared their knowledge and ideas, drawing on their personal experiences and different backgrounds. The discussion was expertly facilitated by Brianna Bell—our Advisory Group Youth representative

Ideas to raise awareness about our service included:

  • work with existing networks and services that young people use
  • young people's networks may be different to those typically used by disability communities
  • put information about our service in Centrelink offices and local libraries.

A big thank you to all who attended and taking the time to be part of this valuable discussion. The feedback will become part of our strategy to provide a stronger service for young people with disability.

Young people with disability play an important role in the Disability Royal Commission. By sharing their experiences, new ideas and recommendations they can make a difference about how Australia can become more inclusive and safer for people with disability!

If you are a young person with disability, tell us your ideas how we can support you to engage with the Disability Royal Commission! We’d love to know you what you think!