Have you been called as a witness—Easy English guide

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What is a Public Hearing?

Public Hearings are formal proceedings to share your story.

If you are going to be a witness, you can have your own lawyer.

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Call Your Story

You can call Your Story Disability Legal Support and we can help you find a lawyer. This is free for people with a disability.

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What should I do? 

If you are going to be a witness, you should get independent legal advice before you prepare your statement.


Your lawyer

Your lawyer can tell you about your rights as a witness.

The Office of Solicitor Assisting and Counsel Assisting are not your lawyer.

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Preparing your statement

Your lawyer can support you to work out what you want to say, write the statement with you and talk to the Royal Commission for you.

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At the hearing

You may be asked questions about your story during the hearing. Your lawyer can support you and make sure you are ready to answer questions.

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I need support

You can have a support person with you at all times. You can ask for counselling to be available to you before and after being witness.

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I have more questions 

For free legal advice call Your Story on 1800 77 1800

For counselling and referrals call Blue Knot on 1800 421 468 or (02) 6146 1468 


We aim to provide information in an accessible format. Please let us know if we can provide information in a way that's more accessible for you by contacting us.

Publication date: 17/11/2023
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