New issues paper on First Nations People with Disability

On 9 June the Disability Royal Commission released its latest issues paper on the experiences of First Nations people with disability. It asks people to share their views about what they think governments, institutions and communities can do to prevent violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of First Nations peoples with disability. The Royal Commission is interested in examples of laws, policies and practices in different settings that are not working or working well. This can be in areas such as education, healthcare, workplaces, the justice system, home, online communities, and families.

The issues paper asks 12 questions to help people and organisations to provide responses. The paper is available in Easy Read, PDF and DOCX.

The Disability Royal Commission has asked for responses by 11 September 2020, although they will accept submissions after this date.

Contact the Disability Royal Commission on 1800 517 199 or visit their website for more information about this issues paper.

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